January 16, 2014 - Volume 14 - Issue 2
pp: 1-30

Creator: Neurology Today
Duration: 10:06
Journal: Neurology Today January 16, 2014, Volume 14, Issue 2;
Why did Neurology issue a call for papers on negative trial outcomes? What value is there in publishing negative results and what are the benefits for neurology as a specialty? Watch here as Neurology Editor-in-chief Robert A. Gross, MD, PhD, professor of neurology and of pharmacology and physiology at University of Rochester Medical Center, answers these questions and more in an interactive dialogue with Neurology Today Editor-in-Chief Steven P. Ringel, MD, professor and director of the Neuromuscular Division at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, and Neurology Today Associate Editor Robert Holloway Jr. MD, chair and professor of neurology at University of Rochester Medical Center. Read the original Jan. 16 Neurology Today report, “Nearly One-Third of Large Clinical Trials Go Unpublished — in Neurology, Too”: http://bit.ly/1heTZab.