September 5, 2013 - Volume 13 - Issue 17
pp: 1-27

Creator: Neurology Today
Duration: 6:03

In a July 19 online study in The Lancet, investigators reported that people with epilepsy are overall 11.1 times more likely to die prematurely than unaffected persons, 5.5 times more likely to die from nonvehicle accidents, and 3.7 times more likely to die from suicide. Among persons with epilepsy who die from an external cause, three-quarters of the cases involve a psychiatric diagnosis. In a video interview, Neurology Today Editor-in-chief Steven P. Ringel, MD, and Associate Editor Robert Holloway, MD, discuss the pros and cons of the study methodology data — a review of data from national Swedish registry.

For more discussion, read the Sept. 5 Neurology Today story, “Epilepsy Patients at High Risk for Death, Psychiatric Disorders.”