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2020 CNS-ICNA Conjoint Meeting

The Neurology Today At the Meetings aims to keep neurologists up to date and fully informed about the most noteworthy news from major professional meetings.​​

The Joint 49th Annual Child Neurology Society (CNS) meeting and the 16th International Child Neurology Congress (ICNA) will be held virtually online from October 12-23, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Neurology Today is featuring select abstracts from the meeting deemed noteworthy by the Neurology Today editors. All reports are vetted and reviewed by our team of neurologist reviewers, as well. Each report includes commentary from independent experts.

Peer Reviewed by the Neurology Today Editors
Editor's picture
Joseph E. Safdieh, MD, FAAN
Gertrude Feil associate dean of curricular affairs, vice chair of education, and professor of neurology at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center
Editor's picture
Orly Avitzur, MD, MBA, FAAN
Associate Editor
Clinical assistant professor of neurology, New York Medical College
Editor's picture
Deborah A. Hall, MD, PhD, FAAN
Associate Editor
Associate professor in the department of neurological sciences, Rush University Medical Center
Editor's picture
Barney J. Stern, MD, FAAN
Associate Editor
Vice chair for strategic planning in the department of neurology, Johns Hopkins University
Editor's picture
Ann H. Tilton, MD, FAAN
Editorial Board Member
Professor of neurology and pediatrics and section chair of child neurology at Louisiana State Health Science Center in New Orleans and a member of the editorial

October 27, 2020