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Congress of ECTRIMS

The Neurology Today Conference Reporter aims to keep neurologists up to date and fully informed about the most noteworthy news from major professional meetings.

Whether you are attending the meeting or reading about it remotely, you’ll be able to access daily, concise peer-reviewed reports from major neurology conferences via email blasts that are optimized for web and mobile viewing.

The Neurology Today Conference Reporter highlights only those papers and presentations deemed noteworthy by the Neurology Today editors. All reports are vetted and reviewed by our team of neurologist reviewers, as well. Each report includes commentary from independent experts and appears with additional perspectives in the print edition of Neurology Today.​​

Peer-reviewed by the Neurology Today Editors

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From left to right: Editor-in-Chief Joseph E. Safdieh, MD, FAAN, assistant dean, clinical curriculum, ​Louis and Rachel Rudin Foundation Education Scholar, vice chairman for education, associate professor of neurology, Weill Cornell Medical College; Associate Editor Orly Avitzur, MD, MBA, FAAN, clinical assistant professor of neurology, New York Medical College; Associate Editor Deborah A. Hall, MD, PhD, FAAN, associate professor in the department of neurological sciences, Rush University Medical Center; Associate Editor Barney J. Stern, MD, FAAN, vice chair for strategic planning in the department of neurology, Johns Hopkins University; and Stephen Krieger, MD, FAAN, director of the Mount Sinai neurology residency program and associate professor of neurology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Hot Off the Press from the 2018 Congress of ECTRIMS:

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October 16—Relapse After Stopping Fingolimod Occurs Frequently

October 16—Switch from Fingolimod to Alemtuzumab Proves Safe and Effective

October 16—Bile Acid Metabolism May Be a Target for MS Therapy

October 16—Disease-Modifying Treatments Needed for Ongoing Relapses in Secondary Progressive MS

October 16—Why Children with Acquired Demyelinating Syndromes Need Ongoing Testing for Anti-MOG Antibodies

October 16—Treatment of Neuromyeltis Optica Reduces Disability