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doi: 10.1097/01.NT.0000451012.50375.27
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The Benefits of Caregiver Support

Regarding “Dementia Caregiver Programs Could Yield Major Savings, Other Benefits” (May 15;, in the Kansas City area, the Alzheimer's Association already provides every one of these services for my patients for free, along with many other services not mentioned. I do not know if they provide the same throughout the rest of the country, but I suspect they do.



Requiring families to hook up with the Alzheimer's Association once a diagnosis of any form of dementia is made has subjectively resulted in delayed long- term care facility placement, fewer emergency department visits for behavioral changes, fewer office visits, and less caregiver depression and exhaustion. This system is already in place and the cost to insurance companies and government funding is zero.

Dana Winegarner, DO

Rowe Neurology Institute

Overland Park, KS

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