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Regarding “3 LBS. — Finally, A TV Show About Neurology,” (Dec. 5, 2006, page 30), I saw the pilot program and was not impressed with their portrayal of neurology and neurosurgery. The show depicted the therapeutic approach to a primary brain glioma as a contest of egos between the gamma knife and neurosurgery. Then the neurosurgeon was shown to “cure” the patient with his surgery.

I didn't get that area where they reviewed MRIs. It didn't look like any radiology department I've been in. PACS machines are usually at desks. Who stands to look at images? It looked as if they were in some sort of art gallery with drapes and the doctors engaged in cocktail chitchat.

The obligatory sexually provocative female in this series is unfortunately a neurologist who did not know how to do a basic neurology exam and was a nut job because she was in her bare feet. (I hope there were no needles on the floor.)

When I saw the promo for the next show with her about to have sex in her exam room — because she didn't have anything to do for the “next hour” — I knew this show was another “Grey's Anatomy,” and haven't watched it since. Also, I remember “Ben Casey,” and this is no “Ben Casey.”

Liz Kamenar, MD

Mountaintop, PA