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Neurosurgery High-Impact Manuscript Service (HIMS)

How to Participate

  1. Submit your article title, abstract, a brief but persuasive explanation of your article’s significance and how it advances the existing literature (~100 words), and the names and email addresses of 3 suggested reviewers via email to the Journal Editor for Neurosurgery, Caitlyn Trautwein, at [email protected]. Reviewers should neither be co-authors on the paper nor from the same institution as any of the authors on the paper.
  2. The Editor-in-Chief will review your proposal and a response will be sent. Manuscripts deemed not appropriate for the High-Impact Manuscript Service (HIMS) program will still be welcomed for submission unless otherwise directed.
  3. If the proposal is accepted, you will be directed to submit the manuscript, noting the HIMS acceptance in your cover letter. An HIMS review will follow with an initial editorial decision made within 10 days.

Please note authors selected for HIMS will be asked to submit a visual or video abstract.


Rapid Review

For manuscripts approved by the Editor-in-Chief for inclusion in the HIMS program, a highly condensed review process is employed. Reviewers are selected at the time the initial author application for inclusion in the HIMS program is approved. This allows the Editorial Office to arrange for reviewers before the manuscript’s actual submission to the journal. Reviewers are asked to conform to an accelerated review time in advance. Once submitted, the manuscript would immediately undergo peer review, bypassing the customary, primary Editor-in-Chief review.


Author Incentives

    Article Processing Fees are waived for HIMS articles.
    For manuscripts accepted under the HIMS program, an illustration from the article or an original illustration provided by the author group would be considered for the cover of the corresponding issue. For more information on the cover image selection process please email the Journal Production Manager, Jessica Striley, at [email protected].
    HIMS authors will be considered for an opportunity to present their work at a plenary session of the CNS Annual Meeting. Neurosurgery will provide one-night hotel accommodations for each HIMS presenting author.



    HIMS program manuscripts will be highlighted in Neurosurgery as  follows:
    • Editor’s Choice: Includes a spotlight box with image from manuscript in print Table of Contents and designation as such in the online Table of Contents.
    • Free: Article will be freely accessible online to all readers, regardless of Open Access status.
    Article will be disseminated through the Journal’s social media channels.
    The article will be featured as a part of Neurosurgery Speaks! A manuscript featured in this series has its abstract transformed into an audio abstract, translated and read by native speakers in up to 11 different languages.
    The article will be proposed to Neurosurgery’s publisher, Wolters Kluwer, for a press release and the AANS/CNS Neurosurgery Blog for a blog post. If selected, the authors will be asked to draft text highlighting the content of the article for a wide audience.