June/July 2014 - Volume 10 - Issue 3
pp: 6-54

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Resource Central

Where to go for more information on the topics discussed in this issue of Neurology Now and for a directory of patient advocacy organizations.

Neurology Now. 10(3):53, June/July 2014.

Where to go for more information on the topics covered in this issue of Neurology Now, the American Academy of Neurology's “Find-ANeurologist” tool, and list of patientadvocacy organizations.

Speak Up

Alexis Wineman

The New Normal: As the first Miss America contestant with an autism spectrum disorder, Alexis Wineman is helping to redefine “the girl next door.”

Childers, Linda

Neurology Now. 10(3):16-22, June/July 2014.

Diagnosed with autism at the age of 11, 2013 Miss America contestant and crowd favorite Alexis Wineman has used the pageant as a platform for increasing awareness and understanding of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Wineman, who continues to travel the country as an advocate and motivational speaker, says, “This isn't just about people who have ASD, but about everyone who has ever felt they didn't belong.”

Traumatic Brain Injury

Tracking Traumatic Brain Injury: What new biomarkers may reveal about concussion over the short and long term.

Shaw, Gina

Neurology Now. 10(3):24-31, June/July 2014.

What do new biomarkers reveal about the effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and concussion? In this article, we explain the imaging technology currently available to diagnose TBI—as well as the ongoing research on risk factors, and the short- and long-term consequences of brain injuries.

Video Games

Game Theory: How do video games affect the developing brains of children and teens?

Paturel, Amy

Neurology Now. 10(3):32-36, June/July 2014.

How do video games affect the developing brain? Researchers and gamers discuss the addictive qualities of video games and how they may alter the structure of young brains—often, for worse. Neurologists also provide tips and warning signs for parents to reduce their child's risk for video game addiction.

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