June-July 2011 - Volume 7 - Issue 3
pp: 6-48

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American Icon: Leave It to Beaver star Jerry Mathers reveals how he overcame neuropathy, a painful neurologic condition that affects millions of Americans.

Gora, Susannah

Neurology Now. 7(3):20-23, June-July 2011.

Actor Jerry Mathers, sitcom star of Leave it to Beaver, shares his real-life adventures with diabetes and neuropathy—and how he managed these conditions with serious lifestyle changes. Now Mathers is using his iconic fame to help others in the grips of neuropathic pain.

Tuberous Sclerosis Complex: New therapies show promise in treating this neurologic condition, but their long-term side effects are unknown.

Paturel, Amy

Neurology Now. 7(3):27-34, June-July 2011.

Tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) can be difficult to diagnose. What's more, this rare neurologic disorder almost always involves treatment-resistant epilepsy and cognitive impairment or autism. But new therapies and treatments are giving hope to the million individuals—and their families—affected worldwide.

The ABCs of Aphasia: Understanding aphasia is crucial to recovery—for patients and caregivers.

Carr, Coeli

Neurology Now. 7(3):35-38, June-July 2011.

Losing the power of speech can lead to intense feelings of frustration, isolation, and depression. But with speech, group, and music therapy—as well as determination on the part of patients and caregivers—there is reason for optimism. Here, individuals affected by aphasia share their stories of struggle and triumph.