May-June 2010 - Volume 6 - Issue 3
pp: 4-40

NEW FRONTIERS: Oral Drugs for MS


Neurology Now. 6(3):35-36, May-June 2010.

Oral medications are becoming available for multiple sclerosis. But is it time to put the needles aside?

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the Waiting Room: Neurobics

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Cindy Mccain

Cindy's Campaign


Neurology Now. 6(3):16-19, May-June 2010.

Cindy mcCain was the picture of sophistication as she traveled the country supporting her husband in his bid for the 2008 presidency. yet behind mcCain's smile, the mother of four was often fighting horrendous migraines, a condition that has plagued her for 15 years and may have played a part in the stroke she suffered in 2004.

Gait Training

Walk This Way


Neurology Now. 6(3):23-27, May-June 2010.

Problems with gait (how a person walks) are pervasive across neurologic disease. While the area of the brain that's affected may differ depending on whether a person has Parkinson's disease, stroke, or multiple sclerosis, the end result is the same: a loss of mobility and independence. But treadmill training can get you moving again.

Brain Death and Organ Donation

Making Sense of Brain Death


Neurology Now. 6(3):28-29,33-34, May-June 2010.

What exactly is “brain death?” The concept usually isn't explained very well by doctors or the media, leading to fear that people in comas will be declared dead prematurely. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here, we clear up confusion about what brain death is—and is not—and what its relationship is to organ donation.