March-April 2010 - Volume 6 - Issue 2
pp: 5-40

The Waiting Room

Your Questions Answered

Photo Essay

Golden Opportunity


Neurology Now. 6(2):14-17, March-April 2010.

Legendary actress Goldie Hawn leads what many would call a charmed life, but her years as a schoolgirl were challenging. Hawn's experience motivated her to help kids learn better. Together with Dr. Judy Willis, board-certified neurologist and middle-school teacher, Hawn is helping to bring the insights of neuroscience into the classroom.


Depression and Resilience


Neurology Now. 6(2):18-25, March-April 2010.

Depression is a frequent companion of both neurological disease and caregiving, but there are effective ways to treat this common condition. “Treated vigorously enough, the vast majority of people will get better,” says Peter Kramer, M.D. Read on for the lowdown on feeling low—and information on how to boost your resilience in the face of life's challenges.

Restless Legs Syndrome

Night Moves


Neurology Now. 6(2):26-30, March-April 2010.

It's a condition that affects as many as 12 million Americans yet is often misdiagnosed—and misunderstood. With a name like “restless legs syndrome,” it may not sound like such a bad thing. But to those who live with it, RLS can be unbearable. Here, we put some common misperceptions to rest and discuss the latest options for treatment.

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