November-December 2009 - Volume 5 - Issue 6
pp: 8-40

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Carly Simon

She Hasn't Got Time For The Pain


Neurology Now. 5(6):14,17-18, November-December 2009.

The details of her Carly Simon's personal life are by now well known, and her extraordinary gifts as a musician have inspired millions. But many people are unaware that she has overcome two neurological challenges: stuttering and migraines.

Wandering With Alzheimer's

Terra Incognita


Neurology Now. 5(6):19,23-25, November-December 2009.

Of the estimated 5.3 million Americans living with the Alzheimer's, six out of 10 will wander from their homes or care-giving facilities, says the Alzheimer's Association. Thankfully, researchers are starting to investigate the often terrifying problem of wandering. Here's what they know about this uncharted territory.


The “Other” Dementias


Neurology Now. 5(6):26-27,31-34, November-December 2009.

Everyone has heard of Alzheimer's, which accounts for 65 percent of all dementia in the United States. But more than 100 causes of dementia exist. Here, we take a look at the “big four”: Alzheimer's, frontotemporal dementia, Lewy body dementia, and vascular dementia. Knowing them may help you or your loved one get the right treatment.