May-June 2009 - Volume 5 - Issue 3
pp: 3-40

From the Editor


the Waiting Room


Living Well

Resource Central

Parkinson's Disease Video with Holly Robinson Peete!

Neurology Now. 5(3):36-38, May-June 2009.

Where to go for more information on the topics discussed in this issue of Neurology Now and for a directory of patient advocacy organizations.

Photo Essay

Speak Up

Robert Guillaume

No Joke


Neurology Now. 5(3):13-14,17, May-June 2009.

Actor Robert Guillaume has had many memorable roles, including Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls and the witty butler Benson DuBois on Soap and Benson. Here, the veteran actor remembers the day a stroke changed his life—and the warnings he didn't take seriously enough.


Black, White, & Gray


Neurology Now. 5(3):18-19,23-24, May-June 2009.

African Americans are more likely than their white counterparts to suffer and die from a stroke, more likely to suffer a stroke at a younger age, and often take longer to recover than whites. Researchers are just starting to find out why.

Prosthetic Limbs

The Six Million Dollar Arm


Neurology Now. 5(3):26-27,31, May-June 2009.

Just 23 years old and five months out of the Marines, Claudia Mitchell lost her left arm in a motorcycle accident. Jason Koger (left) lost both arms in an electrical accident. Today, they can move their prosthetic arms in complex ways—and in real time—just by thinking about it. These new “bionic” arms are the product of decades of work by Todd Kuiken, M.D., Ph.D., a physiatrist and biomechanical engineer.

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