March-April 2009 - Volume 5 - Issue 2
pp: 3-40

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The Great Brain


Neurology Now. 5(2):14-17, March-April 2009.

Computer programmer, entrepreneur, Jimi Hendrix superfan, “venture philanthropist”—Paul Allen wears a lot of hats. He also founded the Allen Institute for Brain Science in 2003 to help find cures for neurological illnesses. This year the AAN is honoring Allen with their Public Leadership in Neurology award.


More Than a Feeling


Neurology Now. 5(2):18-19,23-25, March-April 2009.

New approaches to diagnosing complex regional pain syndrome are redefining what was once thought of as “mystery pain.” For years, doctors have viewed some pain patients as having psychological or substance-abuse problems. But that is changing.

Brain Cooling

Your Brain on Ice


Neurology Now. 5(2):26-29, March-April 2009.

Cooling the body after cardiac arrest or stroke can save precious brain function. In Europe, cooling has become the standard of care for cardiac arrest. In the U.S., “It's a complete hit or miss,” says Stephan Mayer, M.D., who runs a cooling unit, “depending on where you live and where the ambulance takes you.” Here's what you should know about cooling's risks and benefits.