September-October 2008 - Volume 4 - Issue 5
pp: 7-40

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Even Cowboys Get Migraines


Neurology Now. 4(5):14-16,19, September-October 2008.

During the 1990s, Troy Aikman was a recordsetting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, leading them to three Super Bowl wins. He built a Hall-of-Fame career while suffering from migraine, an often debilitating neurological condition that afflicts nearly 30 million Americans. But it was almost 35 years after first experiencing symptoms that Aikman was finally diagnosed with migraine—because he never consulted a doctor about his pain.

Hidden Pressure

Smolinsky, Michael

Neurology Now. 4(5):23-26, September-October 2008.

Adult normal pressure hydrocephalus is often misdiagnosed as Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease—or simply chalked up to aging. But it is a reversible condition, and thanks to advances in shunt technology, the treatments are safer than ever before.

Life after Brain Tumor


Neurology Now. 4(5):28-31, September-October 2008.

As treatment advances help people with malignant brain tumors live longer, the medical community is paying more attention to the qualities of cancer survivors' lives after surgery.