January-February 2008 - Volume 4 - Issue 1
pp: 7-40

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Oliver Sacks

Unchained By Melody


Neurology Now. 4(1):16-19, January-February 2008.

To say that Oliver Sacks, M.D., is one of the best-known doctors in the world doesn't do him justice. The author of numerous New York Times bestsellers—including Awakenings, which inspired the movie with Robin Williams and Robert De Niro —Dr. Sacks is a rock star among neurologists. In his latest book, he reflects on the powerful role of music in the lives of people with neurological disorders, including his own.

Patient Revolution: ADVOCACY

The Patient Revolution


Neurology Now. 4(1):23-26, January-February 2008.

Becoming a patient advocate empowers you to help others, and yourself. “A cure would be nice,” says Parkinson's advocate Jackie Hunt Christensen, “but what I really am working toward is preventing other people from getting the disease.” Stephanie Cajigal profiles a truly inspiring group of people and offers tips on how to become an advocate.


Home on Ice


Neurology Now. 4(1):28-29, January-February 2008.

After getting treatment for cervical dystonia, professional ice hockey player Rem Murray is back where he belongs. And to help raise awareness of this “poorly understood, underappreciated, and undiagnosed” disease, Murray has established the “Reaching Your Goals” campain with the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation. (dystonia-foundation.org).

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