Tourette Syndrome

Updated:   4/9/2015
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Calm the Chaos: Psychiatric and mood disorders are common among people with Tourette syndrome. The key is to diagnose and treat them early.

Shaw, Gina

Neurology Now. 11(5):14-17, October/November 2015.

This Way In: Psychiatric disorders commonly occur with Tourette syndrome. Treating these conditions early can make a difference.

Weed Backers: Many patients and advocacy groups want medical marijuana legalized in all 50 states. Physicians want more solid research. Today, both are getting their way.

Samson, Kurt

Neurology Now. 11(2):42-44, April/May 2015.

Read about the latest research on medical marijuana for neurologic conditions.

Turn Staring Into Caring: The stigma of a neurologic disorder can be stressful—and can make symptoms worse. Patients and doctors teach us how to turn negative reactions into...

Stephens, Stephanie

Neurology Now. 11(1):34-38, February/March 2015.

Patients share their strategies for overcoming the stigma associated with a neurologic disorder.

Soccer Star Tim Howard: Tending Goal with Tourette's Syndrome

Farley, Todd

Neurology Now. 9(2):16-20, April-May 2013.

Professional soccer player Tim Howard has been called one of the best goalkeepers in the sport—with or without Tourette's syndrome (TS). In school, Howard quickly discovered that, as an athlete, “I wasn't Tim who had TS or Tim who had tics. I was Tim who scored goals or scored baskets or hit home runs,” he says. Off the field, Howard is an advocate for individuals with TS, encouraging them to reach their own goals.