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Calm the Chaos: Psychiatric and mood disorders are common among people with Tourette syndrome. The key is to diagnose and treat them early.

Shaw, Gina

Neurology Now. 11(5):14-17, October/November 2015.

This Way In: Psychiatric disorders commonly occur with Tourette syndrome. Treating these conditions early can make a difference.

You, Me, and ADHD: After their four children were diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder—and one with Asperger's syndrome—Curt and Shonda Schilling learned to...


Neurology Now. 7(1):16-18,20, February-March 2011.

During his playing days, retired Boston red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling established a reputation for always be ing on top of his game. But four years ago, life threw a curve ball to him and his wife, Shonda Schilling. They learned their four children had ADHD, and their middle son was also diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome.

ASK THE EXPERTS: Q Can pesticides increase my child's risk for ADHD?


Neurology Now. 6(5):38, September-October 2010.

Answers to your questions about cluster headaches, acromegaly, pesticides and ADHD, and treatment for pediatric brain tumors.

Early Intervention in Autism


Neurology Now. 5(5):23-26, September-October 2009.

Children with autism spectrum disorders can benefit from treatment at any age, but researchers are finding that early diagnosis and intervention may create the most dramatic improvements. Here, we explore some of the major forms of treatment and how they have improved the lives of three children.

Eating Well for Epilepsy


Neurology Now. 5(1):17-19,23, January-February 2009.

Epilepsy is the most common major childhood neurologic disorder in the United States. For the children who don't respond to antiepileptic medication, the ketogenic diet—which contains a large amount of fat and few carbohydrates—may be effective treatment.

Key to the Classroom


Neurology Now. 3(4):30-35, July-August 2007.

Our back-to-school special highlights advice for parents of kids with epilepsy, Tourette's, ADHD, and autism. Discover how to get the best education for your child, including tactics that worked with parents when their school district wasn't meeting their child's needs.

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