Clinical Trial Watch

Updated:   6/14/2013
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This collection contains articles from the "Clinical Trial Watch" department of Neurology Now. Articles from Clinical Trial Watch explore what it's like to participate in a trial, provide information on how to join, examine important and cutting-edge trials for neurologic conditions, and more. Sign up to receive an alert by email or RSS when a new article from Clinical Trial Watch is added to this collection: Go to the "Collection Alerts" box in the right-hand column.

Volunteer Boost: Patients who participate in clinical trials tend to fare better than those who don't—whether they receive the treatment or a placebo.

Watts, Sarah

Neurology Now. 13(2):32-35, April/May 2017.

Patients who participate in clinical trials tend to do better than patients who don't—whether they receive the treatment or a placebo.

8 Ways to Access Cutting-edge Care: Clinical trials, patient organizations, and your own physician can help you access state-of-the-art treatments.

Kritz, Fran

Neurology Now. 13(1):10-12, February/March 2017.

Quick Tips: Getting access to state-of-the art treatment is easier than you might think.

Moving Science Forward: Curious to learn more about clinical trials? Our primer explains all, including how to volunteer.

Gray, Barbara Bronson

Neurology Now. 11(3):42-45, June/July 2015.

Curious about clinical trials? Learn all about them with this primer, including how to volunteer.

NIH StrokeNet: How the NINDS is improving and accelerating clinical trials for stroke.

Valeo, Tom

Neurology Now. 10(2):36-38, April/May 2014.

How the National Institutes of Health Stroke Trials Network is revolutionizing clinical trials and improving stroke care.

Choosing to Enroll, or Not: Weighing the costs and benefits of joining an experimental drug trial.

Valeo, Tom

Neurology Now. 7(5):69-70,72, October-November 2011.

When two of their daughters were diagnosed with the rare, life-threatening condition called Batten disease, Kathy and Joe Allio had to weigh the pros and cons of joining an experimental trial.