Articles by Susannah Gora

Going the Distance: Winning gold medals with tuberous sclerosis complex, Special Olympics athletes Ryan Groves and Steven Striegel show us the true meaning of strength.

Gora, Susannah

Neurology Now. 10(2):28-33, April/May 2014.

Special Olympics athletes Steven Striegel and Ryan Groves do not let tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC), a rare genetic disease, keep them from going for the gold. “I want people with TSC to know that even with the obstacles in your life, you can still do anything you set your mind to,” says Groves.

Still on the Line

Gora, Susannah

Neurology Now. 9(6):16-19, December/January 2013.

Country music star Glen Campbell is one of 5 million Americans with Alzheimer's disease (AD). In 2012 Campbell travelled across the world with his family for “The Goodbye Tour.” In a candid interview, his wife, Kim, says: “The diagnosis of AD makes you realize that you need to cherish each moment with your loved one while he's still present. That's what that tour was for us—cherishing Glen as a father, a husband, and a musical mentor.”

Showing Up as Michael J. Fox

Gora, Susannah

Neurology Now. 9(6):24-26, December/January 2013.

By returning to the small screen, actor Michael J. Fox tells Neurology Now that he wants to “put out a message of reach for your goals and don't be intimidated by your diagnosis… I said I can still do this.” Here, Fox discusses another new role: host of the AAN Patient Video: Parkinson's Disease: A Guide for Patients and Families.

Carpe Diem: Actress Valerie Harper on living with brain cancer

Gora, Susannah

Neurology Now. 9(5):19-22, October/November 2013.

Emmy-award winning actress Valerie Harper is fighting a rare form of brain cancer—while continuing to work, enjoying time with her family, and appreciating the joy in each day. Although there is no cure for her cancer, Harper has responded well to treatment—and her positive attitude knows no bounds. “I have to walk slower,” she says, “but after [this interview], I'm going to get out there and take a walk and breathe the beautiful air. It's a pretty day here. Seize the day!”

Actor and Activist Blair Underwood, raising awareness of HIV/AIDS.

Gora, Susannah

Neurology Now. 9(1):12-18, February-March 2013.

Award-winning actor Blair Underwood believes in using celebrity to create positive change in the world—and as an HIV/AIDS activist for nearly 25 years, he has been doing just that. Here, we focus on Underwood's work as an advocate, as well as the neurologic complications of HIV/AIDS.

Outfoxing Parkinson's: Michael J. Fox's personal, heroic quest.

Gora, Susannah

Neurology Now. 7(6):14-19, December-January 2011.

In the 1980s, his name was synonymous with teenage heartthrob. Now, Michael J. Fox is channeling his fame—and unrelenting charm—into activism. Soon after being diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson's disease, at age 30, he started The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

American Icon: Leave It to Beaver star Jerry Mathers reveals how he overcame neuropathy, a painful neurologic condition that affects millions of Americans.

Gora, Susannah

Neurology Now. 7(3):20-23, June-July 2011.

Actor Jerry Mathers, sitcom star of Leave it to Beaver, shares his real-life adventures with diabetes and neuropathy—and how he managed these conditions with serious lifestyle changes. Now Mathers is using his iconic fame to help others in the grips of neuropathic pain.

Some Kind of Wonderful, Indeed: For actress Lea Thompson, Alzheimer's disease advocate is the role of a lifetime

Gora, Susannah

Neurology Now. 7(2):14-19, April-May 2011.

Actress Lea Thompson, of Back to the Future fame, has been playing a lesser-known role for many years: Alzheimer's disease advocate. Along with her family, she performs at fundraisers, talks to lobbyists, and raises awareness of the disease to anyone who will listen.

Golden Opportunity


Neurology Now. 6(2):14-17, March-April 2010.

Legendary actress Goldie Hawn leads what many would call a charmed life, but her years as a schoolgirl were challenging. Hawn's experience motivated her to help kids learn better. Together with Dr. Judy Willis, board-certified neurologist and middle-school teacher, Hawn is helping to bring the insights of neuroscience into the classroom.

She Hasn't Got Time For The Pain


Neurology Now. 5(6):14,17-18, November-December 2009.

The details of her Carly Simon's personal life are by now well known, and her extraordinary gifts as a musician have inspired millions. But many people are unaware that she has overcome two neurological challenges: stuttering and migraines.

Bittersweet Symphony: With gratitude and hope, acclaimed singer-songwriter and MS sufferer Victoria Williams faces the music.


Neurology Now. 5(4):14-17, July-August 2009.

You may never have heard of singer-songwriter Victoria Williams, but many of today's legendary musicians, like Lou Reed and Lucinda Williams, cite her as an inspiration. Here, she opens up about her ongoing struggle with multiple sclerosis.

Good Golly, Miss Holly!


Neurology Now. 5(1):12-16, January-February 2009.

Here's a lesser-known credit on TV actress Holly Robinson Peete's resume: Parkinson's disease advocate. Holly and her husband, former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete, founded Hollyrod to financially and medically support people with Parkinson's.

Off the Couch With Dr. Katz


Neurology Now. 3(5):17-18,21, September-October 2007.

Even in the face of multiple sclerosis, Emmy-Award winning comedian Jonathan Katz is as animated as ever. Neurology Now sits down with the creator of the cult-fave series Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist.

Raise the Curtain: David Hyde Pierce shines a light on Alzheimer's disease.


Neurology Now. 3(3):24-28, May-June 2007.

In this revealing interview, actor David Hyde Pierce speaks candidly about the effect that Alzheimer's has had on his family and why we need to bring the disease out from the shadows.