Articles by Rebecca Hiscott

Food for Thought: A café in New York City serves up flavorful meals and education about brain health.

Hiscott, Rebecca

Neurology Now. 13(2):8-9, April/May 2017.

This Way In: A neurologist-owned eatery in New York City features dishes designed to promote brain health.

Sowing Self-Esteem: A farm in upstate New York helps people with developmental disabilities cultivate practical skills and confidence.

Hiscott, Rebecca

Neurology Now. 12(3):10-11, June/July 2016.

This Way In: A farm in upstate New York helps young adults with autism develop practical life skills.

6 Questions About Blood Pressure: A recent trial recommends a lower blood pressure target to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. A stroke expert interprets the results.

Hiscott, Rebecca

Neurology Now. 12(1):17, February/March 2016.

Ask Your Doctor: Important questions about lower blood pressure recommendations.

Conquering Chiari: A mother and daughter who both have Chiari malformation team up to support others living with the condition. Mom Agnes Starr, 42, shares the details.

Hiscott, Rebecca

Neurology Now. 11(6):11, December/January 2015.

Readers Like Me: A mother and daughter walk to conquer Chiari malformation.

Brain Games: A 15-year-old aspiring neuroscientist finished second at the 2015 International Brain Bee.

Hiscott, Rebecca

Neurology Now. 11(6):21, December/January 2015.

People: A 15-year-old aspiring neuroscientist finishes second at the 2015 International Brain Bee.

Rethink Chronic Pain: Opioid painkillers can be addictive and are not always appropriate for long-term use. Experts say an alternative is to think about—and treat—pain differently.

Hiscott, Rebecca

Neurology Now. 11(4):10-11, August/September 2015.

This Way In: Experts say non-drug strategies may be most effective for managing chronic pain.

Demystifying a ‘Curse’: A new documentary explores the stigma of epilepsy in Bhutan and how doctors are combating it.

Hiscott, Rebecca

Neurology Now. 11(3):11, June/July 2015.

Neuro Film Festival: The winning documentary from the 2015 Neuro Film Festival explores epilepsy and stigma in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.

Readers Like Me: We asked 10 subscribers who have been with Neurology Now for 10 years to share their stories. Here's what they told us.

Hiscott, Rebecca

Neurology Now. 11(2):28-31, April/May 2015.

We asked 10 subscribers who have been with Neurology Now since the beginning to share their stories. Here's what they told us.

Quick Tips: 3 Questions for Top Sleep DocsWith Sleep Awareness Week around the corner, we asked sleep experts to answer the questions that keep our readers awake at night.

Hiscott, Rebecca

Neurology Now. 11(1):15, February/March 2015.

Quick Tips: Physicians answer questions about the health risks associated with poor sleep.