Articles by Olga Rukovets

Raising His Voice: Actor John O'Hurley honors his sister's memory by raising awareness of epilepsy.

Rukovets, Olga

Neurology Now. 9(4):16-20, August/September 2013.

His iconic portrayal of J. Peterman on the NBC sitcom Seinfeld launched John O'Hurley, with his rich, baritone voice, into worldwide stardom. But of the many roles O'Hurley plays, one is particularly close to his heart—that of epilepsy advocate. Growing up, O'Hurley experienced first-hand the effects of epilepsy on a family when his older sister Carol was diagnosed with the condition.

Make It Better

Rukovets, Olga

Neurology Now. 9(3):27, June-July 2013.

In 2004, decades after his diagnosis of MS, Scott Johnson applied his business-world experience to the world of medical research—creating the Myelin Repair Foundation, a national MS organization that is accelerating drug development.

This Way In: Making Newer Antiepileptic Drugs Available to Children.

Rukovets, Olga

Neurology Now. 9(1):10-11, February-March 2013.

This Way In: The effectiveness of antiepileptic drugs in adults predicts their effectiveness in children, according to a recent study. What does this mean for young patients and their parents?

Serious Laughs: Comedian Josh Blue gets serious—well, sort of—about his cerebral palsy.

Rukovets, Olga

Neurology Now. 8(5):15-19, October-november 2012.

Comedian and Paralympian Josh Blue made headlines when he won NBC's Last Comic Standing in 2006, and he has continued to charm audiences in the years since. Blue, who has cerebral palsy, does not shy away from his disability. “Adversity is adversity,” he says, “it's just how you figure out how to deal with it.”