Articles by Kurt Samson

Wearing the Detectives: Wristbands, smartwatches, and other wearable devices allow for more real-time monitoring of seizures and other neurologic symptoms—and, possibly, more precise treatment.

Samson, Kurt

Neurology Now. 11(4):34-36, August/September 2015.

Wearable devices monitor seizures and other neurologic symptoms—and may lead to more precise treatment.

Weed Backers: Many patients and advocacy groups want medical marijuana legalized in all 50 states. Physicians want more solid research. Today, both are getting their way.

Samson, Kurt

Neurology Now. 11(2):42-44, April/May 2015.

Read about the latest research on medical marijuana for neurologic conditions.

Get Well, Spend Less: How to save money on treatment costs through patient assistance programs.

Samson, Kurt

Neurology Now. 7(5):59-63, October-November 2011.

Along with the emotional and physical costs of being diagnosed with a neurologic disorder come the tangible costs of treatment. Read here to discover the many organizations, foundations, pharmaceutical companies, and social media sites that can help you save money while receiving top-notch health care.