Articles by Kate Huvane Gamble

Sounds of Silence: Living with tinnitus can be frustrating—even debilitating. But with the right treatment, people can learn to tune out the noise.

Gamble, Kate Huvane

Neurology Now. 8(1):20-25, February-march 2012.

Roughly 36 million Americans never experience silence. Instead, they hear a constant ringing or buzzing in their ears known as tinnitus. Photographer David Keenan tells Neurology Now how he learned to turn down the volume of this potentially debilitating disorder.

A New Game Plan for Concussion: As new research on the dangers of concussions is uncovered, treatment on sports sidelines is changing—from the little leagues to the professional...


Neurology Now. 7(1):28-31,35, February-March 2011.

As new research on the dangers of concussion is uncovered, athletic organizations at every level—from Pop Warner football to the National football League—are revising the rules that dictate what type of personnel must be present at sporting events, and how to determine if an athlete can suit up… or should sit down.

Night Moves


Neurology Now. 6(2):26-30, March-April 2010.

It's a condition that affects as many as 12 million Americans yet is often misdiagnosed—and misunderstood. With a name like “restless legs syndrome,” it may not sound like such a bad thing. But to those who live with it, RLS can be unbearable. Here, we put some common misperceptions to rest and discuss the latest options for treatment.