Depression and Resilience


Neurology Now. 6(2):18-25, March-April 2010.

Depression is a frequent companion of both neurological disease and caregiving, but there are effective ways to treat this common condition. “Treated vigorously enough, the vast majority of people will get better,” says Peter Kramer, M.D. Read on for the lowdown on feeling low—and information on how to boost your resilience in the face of life's challenges.

Am I Nothing but What I Remember?

Cooper, Andrea

Neurology Now. 4(4):24-27, July-August 2008.

At 21, Denise Reagor assumed that she knew who she was. sure, there were discoveries to be made, but she figured her personality was pretty much formed. Most of us make the same assumption, and most of us are wrong. If you've ever wondered what it's like to rebuild your life from scratch, read the story of Reagor's amnesia.

Unchained By Melody


Neurology Now. 4(1):16-19, January-February 2008.

To say that Oliver Sacks, M.D., is one of the best-known doctors in the world doesn't do him justice. The author of numerous New York Times bestsellers—including Awakenings, which inspired the movie with Robin Williams and Robert De Niro —Dr. Sacks is a rock star among neurologists. In his latest book, he reflects on the powerful role of music in the lives of people with neurological disorders, including his own.