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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

10 Most Popular Stories in Neurology Now in 2017


In every issue of Neurology Now, we offer a mix of inspiring stories and practical advice for those living with neurologic conditions and their caregivers.  

From tips for navigating the often-daunting costs of caregiving ("Care Costs") and readjusting to life after the death of a loved one ("Begin Again") to stories about people who box to manage symptoms of Parkinson's disease ("Parkinson's on the Ropes") and artists who live with neurologic conditions ("The Art of Illness"), our most-read stories touch on the challenges and triumphs of living with neurologic conditions.


1. Protect Your Brain for Life: Follow these expert strategies to guard against injury and cognitive decline throughout your life.


2. Stay Steady on Your Feet: Falls are the number one cause of injury and death among older Americans, especially those with neurologic conditions. Protect yourself with these tips.


3. Care Costs: Caring for someone with a progressive neurologic disease can be financially challenging. This expert advice can help protect you and your loved one.


4. Parkinson's on the Ropes: Exercise programs incorporating boxing skills may help manage symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Find out how you can join a program near you.


5. Backup Plans: Sometimes family caregivers die before their patients. Here's how to prepare for the worst-case scenario.


6. The Art of Illness: Four artists talk about how their neurologic conditions affect their art.


7. Begin Again: Reclaiming life after years of caregiving is a gradual, up-and-down process. We asked those who've been there how to ease the transition.


8. 6 Ways to Help Pay for Adult Day Care Services


9. Weight Watch: Some disorders or medications can cause weight loss while others pile on the pounds. Learn how to chart a middle course or adapt to the new you.


10. Brain Storm: After brain surgery to remove a benign tumor, TV host and journalist Maria Menounos makes her health a priority.