​​​​Resource Central

Resource Central: Assistance Directory: Where to go for a list of patient-advocacy organizations.

Find a Neurologist Tool: Find an AAN member neurologist in your area by filling in the city, state/province, and/or country.


Neurology Now: The Basics:​ Neurology Now Basics provide key information on individual neurologic conditions, including what causes each condition, how common it is, how it is diagnosed and treated, and what research is being conducted.

Spanish versions available here!​

Neurology® Patient Pages:​ Critical reviews of ground-breaking discoveries in neurologic research written especially for patients and their families.


Neurology Now™ Books: Inspired by Neurology Now®, the AAN's award–winning magazine for patients and caregivers, Neurology Now™ Books combine the expertise of highly respected neurologists with valuable insights from other related experts, patients, and caregivers.


Patient Education Brochures: AAN patient education brochures offer newly diagnosed patients and their families a quality resource developed by experts in the field. Each brochure covers topics such as causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. The brochures also include tips on healthy living with the disorder and information on other AAN resources for patients and other patient organizations. Download a copy for your personal use.


Patient Education Videos: AAN patient education videos help newly diagnosed patients and their families understand the symptoms and treatments of neurologic diseases and disorders, as well as to empower them to make decisions about their care. Each video covers topics that include when to see a neurologist, what types of medications can be prescribed, an overview of deep brain stimulation treatment, and tips for living daily.


AAN Guidelines for Patients: AAN guidelines analyze all the available studies for certain neurological conditions and guide clinicians in making medical decisions for their patients. The AAN provides summaries for patients and their families and caregivers for most AAN guidelines.

Sports Concussion Toolkit: The AAN offers a wealth of resources related to sports concussion.  Access these resources: 2013 sports concussion guideline update, summary of the guideline for patients and families, and the Quick Check mobile phone app—the AAN’s quick source for concussion information, concussion laws by state, and the Find a Neurologist search tool.