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No More Stigma

Reeves, Elaine

doi: 10.1097/01.NNN.0000513013.95710.b8
Departments: Letters

Sylvania, OH

I learned this week of a survey showing that 48 percent of the evangelical Christian community believes that psychological problems should be resolved by prayer alone. I was raised in an evangelical church, and I also have temporal lobe/complex partial seizures. I know the difficulty of finding a world view that is helpful and not hurtful. Even with a recent medical diagnosis, my evangelical family still believes I was healed when the church leaders prayed for me when I was 4. Resources like Neurology Now did not exist when I was struggling to understand my experience and spent hours in the library looking for answers. I am grateful for how much things have changed, and what your publication does to educate all of us.

—Elaine Reeves

Sylvania, OH

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