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Traumatic Brain Injury


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Lady Lake, FL

My TBI occurred in 1999 when, as a pedestrian, I was struck by a pick-up truck. The stories and commentary in the article fit my wife and me. Our marriage has survived and I believe deepened. We are lucky. Among many other disabilities, I was unable to express emotion. Did I have emotions? Probably, but neither of us knew what they were; I had what is called flat affect. It was very difficult for others to read my feelings of pleasure or sadness. For Janeane, my wife, understanding what I was thinking and trying to communicate was made more difficult by not knowing how I was feeling. What a difficult job!

Joy came first as I celebrated progress. I especially enjoy bringing laughter to others. It took at least nine years before I could express sadness, and that came in the form of grief.


Lady Lake, FL

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