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Spanish Language Pain Management Resources

Buzzell, Virginia M. Ph.D.

doi: 10.1097/01.NNN.0000441112.14258.7f
Departments: Letters

Mill Creek, WA

I just finished reading the article about suicide and pain patients your April/May issue ( I am a psychologist working in a clinic that serves a large number of Spanish-speaking patients. Most were injured on the job and many now have chronic pain. I'm frustrated with the lack of relaxation/meditation/pain management resources available in Spanish. Many Spanish-speaking people work in jobs with higher-than-average injury potential. What I've been doing is conducting relaxation exercises during our sessions and having the interpreter record the exercises on the patient's smartphone, if they have one. But it's a poor substitute for something more professionally done.

Virginia M. Buzzell, Ph.D.

Mill Creek, WA

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