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Stroke Recovery

Winninger, F. Todd

doi: 10.1097/01.NNN.0000436392.91123.11
Departments: Letters

Coral Springs, Florida

Per Editor-in-Chief Dr. Robin Brey's invitation in “Life After Stroke” (August/September), I would like to share some advice based on my experience of recovering from two strokes.

Hire a lawyer, if possible, to work on any disability claims. Put together a great team, including the top neurologist in your area, and with a good internist as your quarterback. Do your physical therapy; I paid for this myself when insurance ran out, and I felt these were the most important dollars spent. Join a group like Weight Watchers to get your weight down to a healthy level. Get an assortment of therapies working for you—I tried massage and reiki—but never replace Western medicine and medications. Stay active mentally. And be persistent: I'm three years out from my second stroke; traditional wisdom says almost all recovery is done within two years, but I keep plugging away and seem to still be improving.

F. Todd Winninger

Coral Springs, Florida

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