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Headaches in Children

Devine, Renee C.

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Departments: Letters

Drexel Hill, PA

The article on headaches in children in the June/July issue of Neurology Now was interesting ( but you failed to mention allergies as a cause of headache. In 2004, my then 12-year-old son had chronic headaches. After multiple doctors' visits and a trip to a leading pediatric headache clinic, it was recommended that he be started on daily medication for early-onset migraines.

Luckily, a friend suggested that I have him tested for allergies, as she had gotten relief from recurring migraines after beginning allergy treatment. We discovered that my son was allergic to nearly everything on the test panel—all trees, grasses, weeds, pollens, indoor pollutants, feathers and animal dander, tobacco, and a few food items. We also discovered that he had allergy-induced asthma. Shortly after he started injections, the headaches all but disappeared. As the allergist told me, not all headaches are caused by allergies, but allergies can and do cause headaches.

Renee C. Devine

Drexel Hill, PA

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