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Letter: Speak Up for Stroke

Amster, Caryn Lazar

doi: 10.1097/01.NNN.0000421647.25769.05

I am a Neurology Now subscriber. Mostly it was to keep current on my son-in-law's epilepsy and my granddaughter's migraine problems.

However, your recent article on stroke and the importance of getting to the hospital for evaluation was not lost on me (“Speak Up for Stroke,” I had a mild stroke four weeks ago. Sitting and reading, I felt my left arm and leg go dead and useless. I asked my husband to look at my face as I stuck out my tongue and smiled. That didn't go well.

I got to the hospital within 30 minutes and was immediately evaluated. It is five minutes from my home and happens to be a stroke hospital. Who knew?

Anyway, I got the TPA shot in time and I am already home after 10 days in rehabilitation. I will have another four weeks of out-patient and should be fine. Thanks for what you do!

Caryn Lazar Amster

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