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Letters: Financial and Estate Planning

Slater, Guy

doi: 10.1097/01.NNN.0000418725.91112.14

Big Rock, TN

I just read the articles about Martin Shenkman and his wife, Patti, in the April/May 2012 and June/July 2012 issues of Neurology Now, and then checked their website ( for a possible seminar near our home but without success. We live just outside of Clarksville, TN.

My wife was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 1999, with a presumed onset of the disease sometime in the mid-1980s. She is now 55 years of age (56 this coming September) and her mobility is impaired to the point of needing mechanical assistance.

I'm a retired military trained nurse with physical disabilities. I notice that she is having lapses in judgment and memory, and I was questioned today, by my own mental health counselor, about her abilities and whether I felt it was time to intervene in her affairs. She is having trouble handling her finances, which are separate from mine. She is overextended on her credit and not timely in paying her bills.

Does Mr. Shenkman's seminar cover this topic of handling the affairs of those no longer able to do so?

This is not something that I want to do. I hate being in the position of “taking control” of any area of my wife's life, but I would rather that she be mad at me and protected than vulnerable because I did not act.

Guy Slater

Big Rock, TN

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