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NEUROBICS: Lost in Migration

Kim, Scott Ph.D.

doi: 10.1097/01.NNN.0000389993.19302.14
Departments: the Waiting Room

The maze is one of the most ancient and primal of all puzzles. From the ancient Greek labyrinth in the Odyssey to the title lettering of this year's movie Inception, getting lost in a maze symbolizes the harrowing complexity of life.

Modern maze makers like Robert Abbott and Adrian Fisher have invented new ways to get us pleasurably lost. Here is a maze in which you move by jumping.

Your challenge is to get from the green square to the red square by jumping from square to square. Every square has a bird. You may jump any distance in the direction that the bird is pointing. For instance, from the green Start square you may jump one or two squares diagonally up and to the right. There is more than one solution path.

Bonus question: if you start at the green square and jump from square to square, which three squares can you never reach?

This puzzle was inspired by Lost in Migration, a brain game on

—Scott Kim



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