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Letters: Facing Down Stigma

Crue, Sandra

doi: 10.1097/01.NNN.0000368475.50731.c5

Why is there such stigma attached to the use of medical marijuana? I am a 41-year-old mother of three children, ages 14, 16, and 21. My daughter, the eldest child, has multiple sclerosis (MS). I'm far from a hippie, and my parents, both in their late 60s, are very conservative. But even they have changed their views about medical marijuana. I went on the Web site and could not believe how many other MS patients use marijuana for pain relief.

Pennsylvania is trying to implement House Bill1393 to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes with a doctor's recommendation. I support it and am working with to help pass the bill. Too many people who use marijuana are buying it off the streets and really have no idea if it contains dangerous additives. Wouldn't it be safer if it was controlled and prescribed?

—Sandra Crue

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