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Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Epilepsy

Most insurers will pay for implantation of the VNS for intractable epilepsy, including Medicare and Medicaid. Because insurance companies may have different requirements, people interested in the VNS should inquire directly with their insurance provider. In addition, the VNS Therapy Access Program, sponsored by Cyberonics (; 888-867-7846) provides information and assistance regarding insurance such as prior authorizations, letters of medical necessity, additional information about VNS, and assistance with appeals and denials. A nurse case manager can be reached at 877-610-1180.

If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial, discuss this possibility with your neurologist. One study, currently recruiting patients at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, in Lebanon, NH, and University Hospital, in Ghent, Belgium, is trying to determine which electrical stimulation settings of amperage, duration, and frequency are best for seizure control. The study is recruiting people with at least one seizure a month with alteration of consciousness, taking at least one antiepileptic drug, and who are 16 years or older. More complete information regarding this study (NCT00782249) is available at

Cyberonics is sponsoring a health outcomes study to evaluate the effect of the VNS on quality of life as measured by the Quality of Life in Epilepsy (QOLIE-89) questionnaire, as well as seizure control and adverse events. This study is open to patients 16 years or older with intractable epilepsy. People interested in this study should contact Cyberonics regarding clinical trial NCT00522418.

Financial assistance to travel to an epilepsy center that can provide the VNS may be available from the Epilepsy Foundation. For more information, contact the Epilepsy Foundation national office at 800-470-1655, x3726.

The Alzheimer's Association and Alzheimer's Foundation of America (see next column) provide information for Alzheimer's disease patients and caregivers.

Elder Rage,, Alzheimer's resources from caregiver, advocate Jacqueline Marcell.

American Stroke Association,, For general stroke info.

National Association of Area Agencies, on Aging,, This organization helps older people who have, disabilities to live at home.

National Institute on Aging: Alzheimer's, Disease Education & Referral Center,

National Stroke Association,, For general stroke info.

Veterans-Express,, This organization helps seniors and, veterans with benefits and assisted living.

Well Spouse Association,, This nonprofit supports and educates, spousal caregivers.

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Assistance Directory

For a full listing of patient organizations, go to

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American Academy of, Neurology Foundation,, 1-800-879-1960

The Brain, AAN patient website,

National Institute of Neurological, Disorders and Stroke,

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Alzheimer's Association,, 1-800-272-3900

Alzheimer's Disease Education, and Referral Center,, 1-800-438-4380

Alzheimer's Foundation of America,, 1-866-232-8484

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Autism Society of America,, 1-800-3AUTISM (1-800-328-8476)

Autism Speaks, Inc.,, 212-252-8584

Global and Regional Asperger, Syndrome Partnership,, 1-888-474-7277

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American Brain Tumor Association,, 800-886-2282

Children's Brain Tumor Foundation,, 1-866-CBT-HOPE (228-4673)

National Brain Tumor Society,, 1-800-934-2873

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United Cerebral Palsy,, 1-800-872-5827

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Benign Essential Blepharospasm, Research Foundation,, 409-832-0788

Dystonia Foundation,, 1-800-377-DYST (1-800-377-3978)

National Spasmodic Dysphonia, Association,, 1-800-795-6732

Spasmodic Torticollis,, 1-888-445-4588

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Citizens United for Research, in Epilepsy (CURE),, 312-255-1801

Epilepsy Foundation,, 1-800-332-1000

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National Headache Foundation,, 1-888-NHF-5552 (1-888-643-5552)

Migraine Research Foundation,, 212-249-5402

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Hereditary Disease Foundation,, 212-928-2121

Huntington's Disease Society of America,, 1-800-345-HDSA (1-800-345-4372)

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Children's Hydrocephalus Support Group,, 425-482-0479

Hydrocephalus Association,, 1-888-598-3789

National Hydrocephalus Foundation,, 1-888-857-3434

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MSFriends,, 1-877-MSFRIENDS


Multiple Sclerosis Association of America,, 1-800-532-7667

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation,, 1-800-225-6495

National Multiple Sclerosis Society,, 1-800-FIGHT-MS (1-800-344-4867)

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Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America,, 1-800-541-5454

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ALS Association,, 1-800-782-4747

Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association,, 610-499-92641-800-606-CMTA (2682)

Kennedy's Disease Association,, 559-658-5950

Moebius Syndrome Foundation,, 1-660-834-3406

Muscular Dystrophy Association,, 1-800-FIGHT-MD (1-800-344-4863)

Neuropathy Association,, 212-692-0662

Spastic Paraplegia Foundation, Inc.,, 1-877-773-4483

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American Pain Foundation,, 1-888-615-PAIN (1-888-615-7246)

National Foundation for the, Treatment of Pain,, 713-862-9332

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American Parkinson Disease Association,, 1-800-223-2732

International Essential Tremor Foundation,, 1-888-387-3667

Lewy Body Dementia Association,

Michael J. Fox Foundation, for Parkinson's Research,, 1-800-708-7644

National Ataxia Foundation,, 763-553-0020

National Parkinson Foundation,, 1-800-327-4545

Parkinson's Disease Foundation,, 1-800-457-6676

Society for Progressive, Supranuclear Palsy,, 1-800-457-4777

WE MOVE (Worldwide Education &, Awareness for Movement Disorders),, 212-875-8312

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National Sleep Foundation,, 202-347-3471

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American Stroke Association,, 1-888-4-STROKE (1-888-478-7653)

Give Me Five For,

National Aphasia Association,, 1-800-922-4622

National Stroke Association,, 1-800-787-6537

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Tourette Syndrome Association,, 718-224-2999

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Brain Injury Association of,, 1-800-444-6443

Brain Trauma Foundation,, 212-772-0608

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Expressions of Courage



For people living with epilepsy, art can be a self-expressive, visual demonstration of how it feels to live with this serious neurological condition.

Expressions of Courage® is a national contest for people with epilepsy. The contest will be open for entries from May 11, 2009, through August 28, 2009. A panel of epilepsy advocates, art industry representatives, and healthcare experts will serve as contest judges and announce the winning artwork in November. Entries are judged based on creativity and the ability to bring to life the experiences of living with epilepsy.

Artwork may be created in ink, pencil, crayon, paint, or a combination of these materials, and must be on paper or board no larger than 8 by 11 inches. Contest entries will be categorized into three age groups: children ages 12 years old and younger; teens ages 13 to 17; and adults 18 years of age and older. Multiple submissions will be accepted.

Winners will be highlighted on the Expressions of Courage® Web site. A few winning pieces will also be chosen by curators from the Society for the Arts in Healthcare for display in a traveling art exhibition comprised of more than 20 winning entries from the past seven contests. Please send original artwork and a completed entry form to:

Expressions of Courage®, 389 Pittstown Road, Pittstown, NJ 08867

To download the Expressions of Courage® entry form and review the rules and regulations, go to or call the Contest Help Line at 800-224-4935 with questions.

Expressions of Courage® is a program developed and funded by Ortho-McNeil Neurologics®, Division of Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc, in partnership with the Epilepsy Foundation.

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