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Stem Cell Research

Ashley, Paul

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Department: Letter

Wheaton, IL

As a person afflicted with an extremely rare autoimmune neurological disorder, and the son of a parent suffering with Alzheimer's, I usually look forward to reading each issue of Neurology Now. However, I was disappointed with the one-sided nature of the article “The State of Stem Cell Research” (Jan./Feb. 2009), especially the opening four paragraphs.

I've done much reading on this issue and felt the article treated the subject as if there were no ethical component to it at all. Putting forth facts concerning science is fine, but making misleading statements about political decisions involving ethics—decisions supported by many voters in this republic, and indeed by many in the medical profession—is inappropriate for your publication. I would ask that the editors at least present both sides of such a complex issue.

As an example of more balanced reporting on stem cell research, go to and search for “Stemming the Tide of AIDS.”

Paul Ashley

Wheaton, IL

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