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Amnesia 911

Goodwillie, Lalla

doi: 10.1097/01.NNN.0000338199.88912.b9
Department: Letter

Horseshoe Bay, TX

As a parent of a daughter with multiple sclerosis (benign), I have been so engaged with articles in your magazine. However, the piece on Denise Reagor and her ensuing amnesia (“Am I Nothing But What I Remember?”, July/August 2008) disturbed me, as there was no mention of what people should do in response to a blow to the head. Denise's well-meaning friends should have been aware that a 911 call or a trip to the nearest hospital was in order, regardless of what the injured asked of them.

I realize this article was about amnesia and its effect upon lifestyle. However, I think the author missed an opportunity to educate and reinforce what many of us have come to learn is the correct preventive action following such an injury.

Lalla Goodwillie

Horseshoe Bay, TX

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