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Stem Cells

Sinclair, Jan; Thompson, Gail

doi: 10.1097/01.NNN.0000333834.11483.04
Department: Letter

Lawton, OK (Sinclair)

Hampton, IA (Thompson)

I read with great dismay the article in the May/June edition of your magazine entitled “To China for Stem Cells.” As the Chinese doctors admit, stem cell treatment has not been shown to cure or put ALS into remission. I believe it's just a way to swindle Americans of $33,800.

I appreciate your bringing this information to the subscribers of your magazine, but I'm not really sure the warning will reach enough seriously ill people.

—Jan Sinclair

Lawton, OK

I have multiple sclerosis and every day I look for help. I was interested in the article about stem cells in China. Many countries offer similar treatments, such as Canada and Mexico. Have stem cell therapies in these other countries proven effective?

I would like to see a whole story on gene therapy. It is used for a number of diseases, and many people—like me—are anxious to learn why more of these treatments are not available here in the U.S.

—Gail Thompson

Hampton, IA

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