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I've Got Neuropathy


doi: 10.1097/01.NNN.0000311185.74583.21
Department: Speak Up

(Sung to the tune of “Making Whoopee”)

The Neuropathy Song, by legendary American songwriter Roy C. Bennett.

Roy C. Bennett is one of the most successful American songwriters in history. His songs have been recorded by Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Duke Ellington, Burl Ives, Rosemary Clooney, the Andrews Sisters, and many others. Among his best-known songs are “Red Roses for a Blue Lady,” “The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane,” “I'm Getting' Nuttin' for Christmas,” and “Suzy Snowflake.” Peripheral neuropathy has not stopped him from doing what he loves.



It's one p.m.,

I'm at the doc's;

I've taken off

My shoes and socks.

He sticks a pin in;

I sit there grinnin'—

I've got neuropathy.

I'm on a date,

I'm getting bold;

Instead of hot,

I'm feeling cold.

My feet are freezin'

And here's the reason:

I've got neuropathy.

When there's a fire within me

Should I feel glad or sad?

Can this be love I'm feeling

Or just a nerve gone bad?

She wants to wed;

I'm all aglow.

Should I say yes?

Should I say no?

Oh, how I tingle,

But I'll stay single—

It's just…neuropathy.

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