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Speak Up

Lesser, Terri

doi: 10.1097/01.NNN.0000300596.59831.43
Department: Letter

Long Island, NY

Thank you for publishing the “Speak Up” essay written by Alex Cathcart, “Greatness Becomes Me” [May/June 2007]. This piece was so well written, so moving and inspiring, and so nerve-touching and raw, that I truly hope you will publish more of his work.

While it may be true, as Mr. Cathcart states, that “people become accustomed to bad news and tend to get on with their lives,” I don't fully accept that the author is no longer the pillar of strength he feels he once was. He might not see that the words of his essay shout with the “wisdom, humor, and the light of meaning…” that he is afraid he lost.

Mr. Cathcart's heroism in the face of illness might not rank up there with his own definition of a hero as someone who comes up with a cure for ALS. We can't deny, though, that someone who can write, get published, and is able to say he toured with a Ramone comes pretty darn close.

Terri Lesser

Long Island, NY

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