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Lifting the Migraine Misconception

Griffith-Jones, Danielle

Department: Letter

San Jose, Calif.

I wanted to let you know that Sherry Anderson's essay “Lifting the Rock” [Speak Up, May/June 2006] really touched me. I read it while waiting for my now-frequent neurology appointments. As I read about her husband's struggle with debilitating migraines, I saw that their family's story is my story. I felt a sense of relief that someone else is going through what I deal with day in and day out. I know that my family struggles with educating and helping others to understand my battle with migraines. I can only say thank you to Neurology Now for publishing this piece and to Sherry Anderson for putting words to my feelings and thoughts. I have given this piece to many people to help educate them. I think by reading the Andersons' story, they can better understand what I and my family are going through. What, I think, lingers in the mind of anyone who suffers from chronic pain is learning how to “lift the rock” and Sherry said it perfectly: “Love is what lifts the rock.”

Danielle Griffith-Jones

San Jose, Calif.

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