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If Only a Migraine Were ‘Just a Headache’

Ocejo, Michele

Department: Letter

Saddle Brook, N.J.

“Lifting the Rock” by Sherry Anderson [SPEAK UP, May/June 2006] reminded me of how lucky I am. Yes, I suffer from frequent migraines, but I've had much success with the various triptans. Ms. Anderson's husband has been not as lucky. I cannot imagine going back to the time before the triptans came out, when I'd just lay in bed praying for the pain to end for hours and hours. Deep down, I fear having to return to that way of life. I remember all too well how I could not commit to anything without saying, “I can go, if I don't have a migraine.” The next time I hear an uninformed person refer to a migraine as “just a headache,” I will show them Ms. Anderson's essay.

Michele Ocejo

Saddle Brook, N.J.

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