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Looking for Neuropathy Information

Chalif, Ronnie


New York, NY

Yesterday two other neuropathy patients and I were in the waiting room of our doctor's office when we spied a copy of Neurology Now. At first, we were very excited to see a new attractive magazine devoted to neurological disorders. Unfortunately, our delight soon turned to disappointment when we found no mention at all of our illness, neuropathy

Neuropathy patients, nearly 20 million of us, have felt neglected for a very long time. At first we were annoyed that no one seemed to pay attention to our illness and often misdiagnosed it. Now, we are becoming no less than disappointed and often angry that those who should know better continue to overlook us. We hope your magazine will not remain among them.

My fellow patients and I urge you to address neuropathy in upcoming issues. Otherwise we will only be able to conclude that your magazine is devoted to just a few pet neurological disorders.

Ronnie Chalif

New York, NY

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