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Submissions are assigned to one of three Peer Review Panels depending on type of article.

  • COVER ARTICLES: These submissions are up to 20 pages in length. Preference is given to research manuscripts.
  • Innovation Center Articles: These submissions are up to six pages in length and focus on innovative program developments.
  • Research Brief Articles. These submissions are up to six pages in length and focus on pilot studies in nursing education, studies based on a single site, and studies with small samples that would limit generalization.

We ask peer reviewers to evaluate the content of the manuscript with regard to various criteria, including:

  • Does it represent the state of the art or science of nursing and/or nursing education?
  • Does it present new or improved findings or ideas?
  • Is it consistent with sound educational practices and/or research methodology?
  • Are the references appropriate?
  • Is the use of language clear and precise?
  • Is the content interesting and organized logically?

Nurse educators who have published in peer-reviewed journals and other publications are welcome to apply to become part of the Nursing Education Perspectives Peer Review Panel.

To join one, two, or all of our Peer Review Panels, first watch the free webinar Best Practices for Manuscript Review, then submit your application as follows:

Email the NEP editorial staff a copy of your Curriculum Vitae and indicate which panel(s) you are applying for. Be sure your CV includes your experience in publication. Write to Leslie Block, Managing Editor, [email protected]. Subject line "NEP Peer Review Panel."