July/September 2018 - Volume 42 - Issue 3

  • Kathleen Sanford, DBA, MBA, MA, RN, FACHE, FAAN
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  • 1550-5103
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Every healthcare organization today is trying to figure out how to provide high quality care while controlling costs. Nurse leaders understand that both employee and patient engagement are factors essential to the success, or failure, of these twin goals. That message, along with tactics to increase both, is clear throughout the collection of articles that comprise our current NAQ issue. The authors who contributed to this edition present their challenges and successes as leaders who support the healthy environments that lead to engagement. While you read what they have shared, I hope you will think about something else. Nurse engagement involves a commitment to the organization's success.  Those you lead are not likely to be engaged if you are not engaged. If you have lost some of your enthusiasm, energy, and commitment, please take time to take care of yourself.  Your organization, your patients, your communities, and our profession need you, healthy and engaged.

Thanks for Choosing to Lead,​

Kathleen Sanford, DBA, RN, FACHE, FAAN

Editor-In-Chief, NAQ​    


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