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October/December 2023 - Volume 47 - Issue 4

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​Nurse leaders need the business acumen, financial skills and executive presence to hold meaningful conversations with CFOs and CEOs regarding the value of nursing. They need to be able to construct comprehensive business plans and build their business case for change. In this issue, you will read about the financial implications regarding workforce development, academic/service partnerships, faculty shortages, strategic planning and more.  Our Finance Matters column, written by Dr. Pat Patton, details the value of virtual nursing from a financial perspective and shares a case study and our Hot Topics column by Carol Bradley: Engaging Governance in Workforce Strategy and Performance delves into educating our governing boards. Bradley states “There is no mission or margin without caregivers."​​

To hear more about the issue, plesae visit our Podcast page and listen our Guest Editor, Christine Delucas, describe what to expect.  Don’t forget our “Continuing th​e Conversation​​” column which provides faculty and educators talking points and critical thinking exercises for their use.

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Continuing the Conversation is a unique offering from Nursing Administration Quarterly. For each issue, we will showcase an article which will be made available to the public. We’ve also developed an accompanying discussion guide that could be used for a journal club or to support a nursing leadership course. Simply click on thelink in each one to access!

​Lived travel nurse and permanent staff nurse pandemic work experiences as influencers of motivation, happiness, stress, and career decisions​​

Shaping the Nursing Profession Postpandemic Through Reconstructed Leadership Practices​

Associations among nurse​​s' mental/physical health, lifestyle behaviors, shift length, and workplace wellness support during COVID-19: Important implications for health care systems

Interpreting Organizational-Level Financial Statements​

The Dual Epidemics of 2020: Nurse Leaders’ Reflections in the Context of Whole Person/Whole Systems​

Using Activism to Get Nurses on Boards​

Leading Through Chaos: Perspectives From Nurse Executives​

Disruptive Demographics: Their Effects on Nursing Demand, Supply and Academic Preparation​

Building the Profession of the Future ​

Creating a Healthier Workplace Environment in an Era of Rising Workforce Pressures​

Using Technology to Build Trusting Relationships

Artificial Intelligence Forecasting Census and Supporting Early Decisions

Technology Solutions for Nurse Leaders

Coach Mindset: Preparing Leaders to Create a Climate of Trust and Value.

Clinical Nurses: Leading through the Complexity of Human Trafficking

Diversifying Nursing Leadership through Commitment, Connection, and Collaboration

Complexity Leadership in the Nursing Context

Applying Complexity Science as a DNP Quantum Leader

Organizational Trust, Psychological Empowerment, and Organizational Commitment Among Licensed Practical Nurses

​Issue 48.1: Jan/Feb/March 2024
Identifying and Dismantling Structural Inequities and Bias Within Healthcare
Closed for Submissions

Issue 48.2 April/May/June 2024
Closed for Submissions

Issue 48.3 July/Aug/Sept 2024
Submissions due 12/01/2023

Issue 48.4 Oct/Nov/Dec
Simulation: Enhancing Patient Outcomes and ROI
​Submissions due 03/01/2024

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