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  • Creator:   Joyce Batcheller
  • Updated:   8/22/2019
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How can we provide better access to care that is safer and more affordable? What is needed in order reduce health care costs while improving the patient experience? How can we unleash the creative power of the people that work within our organizations –at all levels? To meet these kinds of challenges leaders are focusing on developing a more innovative workforce with an innovation friendly culture.

Leaders need to frame the problems or opportunities they are facing and then build on people’s energy and creativity to generate and test new ideas. There is a need for nursing leaders to better understand and build competencies that are needed in order to support this concept. This special issue of the Nursing Administration Quarterly is focused on Innovation.

There is a sense of urgency to make improvements that will substantially decrease costs and improve outcomes. Relationships between executives and staff will need to shift from hierarchical to collaborative at all levels.

All of these articles provide important insights and collectively summarize the importance of innovation. This is a critical time for leaders to be energized and engaged in creating a vision that inspires others to think outside the box.


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Nurses Week 2018

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