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CSOG MFM Committee Guideline: Management of Hepatitis B During Pregnancy and Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of Hepatitis B Virus (2020)

Zhou, Yi-Hua; Hu, Yali; Liu, Xinghui; More

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 3(1):7-17, January 2021.

Incidence and Clinical Features of Fetal Growth Restriction in 4 451 Women with Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy

Zhu, Yu-Chun; Lin, Li; Li, Bo-Ya; More

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 2(4):207-210, October 2020.

Association of an Increased Risk of Pre-eclampsia and Fetal Growth Restriction in Singleton and Twin Pregnancies with Female Fetuses

Bi, Shilei; Zhang, Lizi; Wang, Zhijian; More

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 3(1):18-23, January 2021.

Precision Surgery for Placenta Previa Complicated with Placenta Percreta

Chen, Juan-Juan; Yu, Lin; Su, Chun-Hong; More

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 1(1):18-24, July 2019.

Neurodevelopmental Outcome After Fetoscopic Laser Surgery for Twin-twin Transfusion Syndrome: A Systematic Review of Follow-up Studies from the Last Decade

Knijnenburg, Patricia J.C.; Lopriore, Enrico; Oepkes, Dick; More

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 2(3):154-161, July 2020.

Cesarean Scar Pregnancy with Iniencephaly and Progression to Placenta Accreta Due to Early Management Rejection

Nieto-Calvache, Albaro José; López-Girón, María Camila; López-Tenorio, Jaime; More

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 2(1):56-58, January 2020.

The Activation of Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptor γ Enhances Insulin Signaling Pathways Via Up-regulating Chemerin Expression in High Glucose Treated HTR-8/SVneo Cells

Zhou, Xuan; Wei, Li-Jie; Li, Jia-Qi; More

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 2(3):131-140, July 2020.