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Prenatal Diagnosis and Screening

  • Creator:   Maternal-Fetal Medicine
  • Updated:   5/19/2022
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Computerized Analysis of Antepartum Cardiotocography: A Review

Jones, Gabriel Davis; Cooke, William R.; Vatish, Manu; More

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 4(2):130-140, April 2022.

Highlight: In this review, we examine the history of cardiotocography, signal processing methodologies and feature identification, the development of the Dawes-Redman system, and its clinical applications.

CTGNet: Automatic Analysis of Fetal Heart Rate from Cardiotocograph Using Artificial Intelligence

Zhong, Mei; Yi, Hao; Lai, Fan; More

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 4(2):103-112, April 2022.

Highlight: This study investigates the efficacy of analyzing fetal heart rate (FHR) signals based on Artificial Intelligence to obtain a baseline calculation and identify accelerations/decelerations in the FHR through electronic fetal monitoring during labor.

Interobserver Agreement and Reliability of Intrapartum Nonreassuring Cardiotocography and Prediction of Neonatal Acidemia

Li, Zhuyu; Wang, Yan; Cai, Jian; More

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 4(2):95-102, April 2022.

Highlight: To evaluate the agreement and reliability of intrapartum nonreasurring cardiotocography (CTG) interpretation and prediction of neonatal acidemia by obstetricians working in different centers.

The Efficacy of In-Phase and Quadrature Demodulation in Electronic Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring During Labor

Liang, Yiheng; Liu, Ping; Yan, Shaomei; More

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 4(2):113-120, April 2022.

Highlight: To investigate the efficacy of in-phase and quadrature (IQ) demodulation in electronic fetal heart rate monitoring (EFM) to reduce false reports of fetal heart rate (FHR) doubling or halving.

Evolving Frameworks for the Foundation and Practice of Electronic Fetal Monitoring

Evans, Mark I.; Britt, David W.; Evans, Shara M.; More

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 4(2):141-151, April 2022.

Highlight: Our studies suggest the FRI provides a more reliable metric to assess risks of compromise and the need for emergency intervention than is currently provided by existing methods of interpretation of EFM.

Fetal Vesicoallantoic Cyst and Intraabdominal Defects: An Unusual Case and Review of the Literature

Delvaux, Mathieu; Sznajer, Yves; Marbaix, Etienne; More

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 4(2):152-154, April 2022.

Highlight: We present an unusual and, until now, unreported case of vesicoallantoic cyst associated with multiple malformations in a fetus. A differential diagnosis is discussed, including the hypothesis of a genetic disorder.

Prenatal Testing or Screening?

Evans, Mark I.; Evans, Shara M.

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 2(4):217-222, October 2020.

Highlight: The concurrent developments of cell free fetal DNA analysis of maternal blood has dramatically changed patient's choices towards screening. However, with the use of array comparative genomic hybridization of fetal DNA that requires diagnostic procedures (Chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis), much more extensive diagnosis can be obtained. Until noninvasive methods can replicate what can be done with diagnostic procedures there still will be a “price to be paid” for opting for the non-invasive methods.

Noninvasive Prenatal Testing for Fetal XXY Aneuploidies Among Pregnancies in Beijing of China

Chang, Jia-Zhen; Qi, Qing-Wei; Zhou, Xi-Ya; More

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 2(4):199-206, October 2020.

Highlight: A study to evaluate the screening performance of noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) based on high-throughput massively parallel sequencing technology for the fetal XXY aneuploidies among pregnancies in Beijing of China.

Implementation of Maternal Blood Cell Free DNA Testing in Early Screening for Aneuploidies

Gil, María del Mar; Nicolaides, Kypros H.

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 1(1):2-6, July 2019.

Highlight: This article aims to review the technical and clinical considerations for implementing cfDNA testing in routine practice, including methods of analysis, performance of the test, models for clinical implementation, and interpretation of results.

Positive Rate of Noninvasive Prenatal Screening for Pregnancies with Fetal Congenital Heart Disease and Its Impact on Pregnancy Outcome

Chen, Yun; Lai, Yun-Li; Shen, Yi-Ping; More

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 2(2):84-88, April 2020.

Highlight: A study to evaluate the clinical utility of noninvasive prenatal screening (NIPS) for fetuses with congenital heart disease (CHD) and impact of NIPS results on pregnancy outcome.

Diagnostic Value of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Fetal Lateral Ventriculomegaly and the Relationship Between the Degree of Isolated Lateral Ventriculomegaly and Neonatal Prognosis

Zhao, Xiao-Min; Li, Xing; Li, Wen; More

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 2(1):23-27, January 2020.

Highlight: A study to assess the value of magnetic resonance imaging in fetal lateral ventriculomegaly diagnosed with ultrasound, and to study the relationship between the degree of isolated lateral ventriculomegaly and neonatal prognosis.

Prenatal Diagnosis of Congenital Hepatoblastoma

Wang, Jia-Yan; Zheng, Qi-Zhen; Cao, Ding-Ya; More

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 2(2):115-118, April 2020.

Highlight: Growing evidence suggests hepatoblastoma may arise from fetal life. This article summarised the ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, and pathological features of a fetus with hepatoblastoma detected at 33 weeks of gestation.

Prenatal Diagnosis of Harlequin Ichthyosis: A Case Report

Xia, Qiu-Ling; Wang, Xing; Huang, Shuai; More

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 2(4):244-247, October 2020.

Highlight: This article described a case of HI diagnosed by ultrasound examination during the second-trimester and genetic diagnosis reveal two novel heterozygous ABCA12 mutations c.2563-2570delinsGGCAATT, p.(Leu855Glyfs*13), and c.6116delT, p.(Met2039Argfs*8) by the next-generation DNA sequencing, which further enriched our understanding of the pathogenic variation of ABCA12 gene.

Prenatal Diagnosis of Dystrophinopathy and Cytogenetic Analysis in 303 Chinese Families

Li, Mengmeng; Hao, Na; Yao, Fengxia; More

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 3(4):246-254, October 2021.

Highlight: This study was to supply information of the Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) mutational spectrum in 303 Chinese families and further offer 5-year clinical experience of DMD/Becker muscular dystrophy genetic counseling and prenatal diagnosis.

The Clinical Value of Artery Umbilical Cord Blood Gas in Predicting Neonate Condition: A Prospective Cohort Study

Xin, Xing; Lu, Weixin; Ye, Chunhua; More

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 3(3):176-184, July 2021.

Highlight: To evaluate the predictive ability of neonate condition through the traditional parameters and artery umbilical cord blood gas (aUCBG).